The Club of Florence is an interdisciplinary and independent network of experts striving to find solutions for questions in logistics as a dynamic and innovative field with high impact on global wealth and work conditions. Our mission is to promote understanding of key industry policy challenges and to propose environmental, economic and social sustainable and future-oriented solutions through scientific analysis, communication and advocacy. Our members are notable scientists, experienced practitioners and high level civil servants, working together to contribute to societal debates and formulate recommendations for a long-term policy. At the Club of Florence annual meeting – usually taking place in the last week of March in Florence – we discuss central issues, guiding questions and key problems with a focus on selected main topics. The applied interdisciplinary approach stimulates new ideas that translate into long-term research projects. We develop pioneering insights and share our findings with science and the public.


Club of Florence

2019 Workshop Results

On March 29th the 2019 Expert Workshop of the Club of Florence commenced in Florence, Italy. The program was titled “Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Employment Relations” and attracted a selected group of interdisciplinary experts to Read more


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