On March 29th the 2019 Expert Workshop of the Club of Florence commenced in Florence, Italy. The program was titled Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Employment Relations” and attracted a selected group of interdisciplinary experts to the University of Florence, Department of Political and Social Sciences (DCPS).


Program Outline

9.15-9.45 Welcome and Introduction

Caroline Ruiner (University of Trier)

Matthias Klumpp (University of Göttingen)

9.45-10.30 Paper Session I: The obsolescence of labour, between self-management, automation and control – An analysis of the organizational assets of Port labour in a comparative perspective

Andrea Bottalico (University of Florence)

Presentation File: PDF

11.00-11.45 Paper Session II: An empirical analysis of learning curves in digitalized order picking systems using DEA

Dominic Loske (REWE and FOM University of Applied Sciences Essen)

Presentation File: PDF

11.45-12.30 Paper Session III: AI for healthcare and rescuing technologies – technical developments and thoughts about employment impacts
13.30-14.15 Paper Session IV: Does digitization make work good or bad? The impact of the use of information and communication technology in the workplace on job satisfaction

Karla L. Brinck (University of Hamburg)

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14.15-15.00 Paper Session V: Changing social norms in teams through the implementation of digital innovations

Christina E. Debbing (University of Trier)

15.30-16.15 Paper Session VI: Real-time assistance to manual assembly through depth camera and visual feedback

Francesco Pilati (University of Bologna)

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16.15-16.45 Conclusion and Outlook
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