Regulation for technology developments in robotics and artificial intelligence are commonly seen as one of the important yet structurally neglected fields in research and political debate. This was highlighted in 2017 by the European Parliament report and a public consultation, indicating that a vast majority of citizens in Europe is regarding those developments as positive innovation fields but where further safeguards and regulations are needed (EP Resolution on Civil Law Rules on Robotics, 2015/2103(INL): Rapporteur Mady Delvaux). The 2018 workshop was directed at discussing the state of the art within the field of transportation, supply chain management and logistics as well as evaluating possible actions like regulation, agency- or industry-based approaches for establishing safeguards towards effective but risk-mitigating settings for this sector. It brought together academics and sector experts to discuss in a round table format. Three moderated sessions addressed the crucial aspects of

  1. the state of the art of AI in transportation, SCM and logistics,
  2. the human factor, and
  3. future options.

Further details can be found in the program outline with the European University Institute – Florence School of Regulation:

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