The 2019 workshop for the Club of Florence has taken place on Friday, March 29 in 2019 at the University of Florence, Italy. The working title was Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Employment Relations. The interactions and implications of AI and robotics implementation are of great interest to researchers and societies.

Objectives of the Workshop and a Journal Special Issue

With the “Club of Florence” 2019 Workshop and the subsequent special issue in an academic journal, we aim to shed light on the implementation of AI and robotics with their resulting questions for employment relations and work organization. This encourages research from a wide range of disciplines investigating different fields of employment. Items for contributions include – but are not restricted to – the following topics:
(1) Job losses or job gains
(2) Enrichment or simplification of jobs
(3) Job demands and resources
(4) Autonomy and control in digital work
(5) Efficiency improvement hypothesis
(6) Social sustainability

Special Issue Journal of Business Logistics

Our 2019 workshop topic has led to a special topic forum in the Journal of Business Logistics, please find the link and PDF call here: Link and Call. The deadline for manuscript submission is October 31.


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